About Me


Things I like:

  • Goat/cow/pig/chicken wrangling
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Camping/hiking/backpacking
  • Reading: sci-fi/fantasy, biographies
  • Classical music/opera
  • Crochet


I have over 10 years of web development experience, starting with Cold Fusion and moving on to object-oriented PHP. I’ve worked with various code frameworks: one I wrote myself, some home-rolled ones at jobs, and Zend. These days I work with Drupal and have contributed a couple modules back to the community. I also do front-end coding, mostly with jQuery these days, but also in the past with YUI.

While I love to code, I’ve also filled other related roles, including mentor, project/product manager, and team lead. I really enjoy passing on my knowledge to other developers, partially because it’s satisfying to teach, but mostly because I believe that everyone should be redundantly valuable. Work is an important part of my life, but not the only thing I live for. A good team allows its developers to leave work at the end of the day or go on vacation without being disturbed because they’re the only person who knows how to fix something. My value as a developer comes from the aggregate of knowledge and experience, not its exclusivity. Maybe this means I’ll never be a “rockstar” or “ninja”; somehow, I’ll manage to carry on…

Contact Me

The best way to reach me is by email. I only friend people on Facebook that I know in real life. My username on Twitter is kziv.