How Listening to NPR Helped Me At Work

I’m building a really neat little project at work: the ability for users to contact their state or federal legislators for a campaign that my company is running to advocate for/against some issue. A big part of my job includes evaluating specs and making both technical and business recommendations. Here’s a quick list of feedback […]

Toilet Seat Logic

Women often complain that men leave the toilet seat up. Men complain that women should just put the seat down when they need it. While I agree with men that women shouldn’t complain about it, here’s my argument for why the seat should always be down. There are three scenarios in the toilet debate: always […]

Magazines on the iPad

I love my iPad (2). I use it primarily as an eBook reader, plus games and as a laptop replacement for surfing the web. Since my laptop is a work machine, it means I don’t have to carry it home every night just to be able to access the internet away from my desktop. But […]

The Conclusion of the Facebook Experiment

Today, I returned to Facebook after a self-imposed exile starting at the end of May. How do I feel 3 months later? I can’t say I missed Facebook, with its constant barrage of application requests and useless trivia about who’s eating what for lunch. However, it’s much easier to keep track of people’s lives in […]

Why I Quit Facebook

I’ve been debating deactivating Facebook for several months now. Why? Increasingly, I’ve stared at the status box and couldn’t think of anything I wanted to say. I found myself using Facebook as a time killer while waiting for the train, at work, or on long drives. I realized I would find some of my own […]