Sites I’ve worked on in recent history

  • Common Sense Media – Drupal 6 with extensive custom modules and theming
  • Zona Rosa San Jose – WordPress site with custom theme for a restaurant in San Jose, CA. The site was designed to be work well on mobile devices (looks good at different sizes, minimal load), clickable links to call and map, analytics, SEO-friendly. Unfortunately, since then it has been replaced with an imagemap with embedded text; see this screenshot for the site I built.
  • The MPC Printmakers – Drupal 6 site with matching WordPress blog. Currently upgrading to Drupal 7.
  • New Home Feed – Zend Framework with Smarty templating, ecommerce
  • Playlist.com – Large scale site built on a Drupal-inspired custom MVC framework
  • Gaia Online – Large scale (80k+ concurrent users) site built on a custom MVC framework

Drupal Modules

Miscellaneous Personal Projects