Development Tools I Like

Hardware Setup

13″ MacBook Pro
Logitech MX Keys S keyboard – the best of mechanical keyboards with the best of Apple’s Magic keyboard: clacky but low profile

Text Editor


Website Hosting/Tech

  • Carrd – Free responsive single page websites
  • Dreamhost – provides 501(c)(3)s with free shared hosting sufficient for a WordPress brochure site
  • Google Workspace – free email/docs for 501(c)(3)s
  • Ramnode – cheap plans for small scale virtual hosting

Cloud Tools

  • – Entity relationship and other diagramming
  • Palette Generator – 11 Color palette generator based on Refactoring UI principles

Image Manipulation

  • PNG to SVG – Does exactly what the site is named. Lets you customize number of colors used. No registration required.
  • SVG Crop – Also does exactly what the site named. No registration required.
  • SvgPathEditor – If you have a set of SVG path coordinates and can’t figure out how to mess with them, this is the tool you so desperately need.

Learning Resources

  • Refactoring UI – A structured, logical approach to user interface design which appeals to me as an engineer with zero design sensibilities.